To attain Eternal Bliss or Godly status a man must practice alms-giving and meditation. To practice alms giving or charity he needs wealth. Even if he is wealthy, he should be generous. Even if he is generous to carry out the noble acts of charity, he should have a conducive environment, place and scrupulous followers. For all these he needs the great blessings of Guru Sri Agathiar. For meditation or prayer he must be aware us whom he must pray to and obtain the blessings. Even if he has this awareness, he must be taught as to what and how he must seek in his prayer. He must also be taught as to when and how long he must meditate or pray. Otherwise people will stumble without knowing how to realize God.

       Hence a Preceptor or Teacher should be available to him who can guide the disciple with all His rich experience. To be fortunate to have such a Preceptor or Guru the man needs the great blessings of Guru Sri Agathiar. So his daily prayer to Guru Sri Agathiar must comprise of his humble request for Guru Sri Agathiar’s blessings to practice charity and meditation with his submission that he realizes that those two would be impossible without the holy blessings of Sri Agathiar. He must realize that without those two practices it would be impossible to attain Eternal Bliss. He must surrender that even the prayer itself is the result of mercy shown by the Great Guru Sri Agathiar and realize that all the above are only due to his own virtues or good deeds.

       With an intention to attain Godly status, some practice breathing exercise (Pranayama). When they hold their breath for a long time they get acute stomachache, ulcer and will suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure), indigestion and dysentery. There will be swelling in their arms, legs, stomach and they will face untimely death leaving behind their wife and children as orphans. The reasons for this are the absence of the true Guru in their life and the chasing ill effects of their vices or bad deeds.

       Some in their eagerness to avoid death try many types of medicines, herbs etc., and assume that due to its effect they would not die. Unfortunately they will have an unnatural death. Such people will never listen to or will never take the advices of knowledgeable persons. This is again due to their vices or bad deeds.

       Some will read Siddha's (Immortal Sages) writings on medicine and alchemy (science of converting metals into gold) and will try to practice them. Such poems can never be understood for their real meaning. Unaware of this truth such people will loose all their wealth in greed, become bankrupt and therefore turn out to be laughing stock in the society. These people too will never take the advices of the knowledgeable one. Even this is due to their vices or bad deeds.

       However it is true that there is a potion to enable one to conquer death or become immortal. One can only know about it with the holy blessings of Lord Subramanyar or Sri Agathiar.

       There are 64 types of potion (medicine) or herbs that will not make a person immortal. Within our body there is a potion drinking with which only one can conquer death. To experience this we must devote ourselves to the Great Guru Sri Agathiar.

       Some tend to believe the preaching of fraudulent spiritual activists and start thinking that wife, children, parents, wealth, life and the whole world are all illusions. Such fraudulent activists will cheat and grab money from any innocent family man.

Whereas the true path to attain godly status is:
  1. To love and be affectionate to his parents.
  2. To respect the feelings of their spouse.
  3. To execute a parent’s duty for the well being of their children.
  4. To earn money in a righteous way.
  5. To use such money and wealth for the will being of the family members,friends, relatives and practice alms giving to the poor around him.
  6. To pray or meditate by chanting the holy mantra "Om Agatheesaya Nama" for 10 minutes both in the morning and evening in order to be blessed with the Great Divine Knowledge and also the determination to attain it through continuous prayer and meditation.
       Only the people with real sense and knowledge will make use of their family life and will not develop any hatred for the worldly affair. They will enjoy the spiritual improvement. But they will realize that it would take many years to enjoy the heavenly experience and maintain patience till then.

       And by chanting “OM AGATHISAYA NAMA” all ill effects of one’s bad deeds will disappear. When they disappear he shall possess the true knowledge and sense. Only with such knowledge we can realize spirituatity and ultimately experience the Eternal Bliss. Hence only uninterrupted prayer or meditation will help us attain the Godly status